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From our Family to Yours

Sewell's Farm is now
closed for the 2023
Christmas Tree Season. 
We look forward to
celebrating our 40 year  anniversary in 2024!
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

To avoid crowds, please consider visiting the farm during the week.  We accept Credit and Debit cards (swipe, chip, and tap), Cash, and Apple, Google and Samsung Pay at our registers. We do not accept personal checks.

FAQ Before Your Visit to Sewell's Farm:

Are pets allowed?

  • No, while we love animals, our insurance prohibits pets in our fields. We do have a dog-walking area if they come along and stay in the car.

Are chainsaws allowed?

  • For insurance reasons, customers are prohibited from using gas-powered chainsaws. Battery operated saws are permitted.

Do you drill tree trunks?

  • No, we do not have the capability to drill trunks for those specific tree stands.

Do you wrap or bale trees?

  • Yes, free of charge! We will bale/wrap your tree and help you to your car with it. We cannot tie the tree down for you, but we do offer free string/rope for doing so.

How much does a __ foot ___ tree cost?​

  • All trees for sale are individually tagged in the field and precut lot. Tree prices vary as we judge them off their quality. 

What is your policy on photographers?​

  • We don't permit standalone photography sessions on our farm. Photographers may accompany a family, who already intended to come to the farm to get a tree, to take pictures while they select their tree, cut it down, etc. Please do not bring lighting trees, heavy equipment and rigging in these cases, just a camera. If you need further clarification, feel free to send us a message on facebook or email us so that we can help reach an understanding.

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