2020 Christmas Season
Opening November 21st, 9AM- 4:30PM daily

Christmas at Sewell's Farm is unlike any other time of the year! Our family helps on weekends to assure you have a pleasant holiday experience at Sewell's Farm, and we love getting together to make it just that! You'll often find members of our family joking around in the tree lot! Unfortunately, while we are pet lovers, our insurance prohibits pets in the field, though we do have a walking area to let your furry friends out to stretch. Likewise, we cannot allow chainsaws on our farm with the exception of farm staff. We provide saws for your use, and we also offer free baling for easy transportation! We provide assistance with cutting, if necessary, and transporting your tree to our free baling area.


Cut-Your-Own Christmas Trees start at $50.00. Larger sizes up to 8' are priced individually in field with a tag. White Pine and Norway Spruce up to 14' (may not be able to be baled).  

We also have smaller, table-top sized trees, already in a stand.

Already Cut Trees from 4' to 16' are available in our tree lot. We have the one for you! 

Fraser Fir, Concolor Fir, Douglas Fir, Canaan Fir, White Pine, and Scotch Pine, and beautiful cathedral height trees perfect for towns, businesses, and churches!

Keep your Christmas memories alive with a live, dug tree (Balled & Burlapped) from 4' - 7'; Norway Spruce, White Pine, Blue Spruce, and Canaan Fir. *limited availability*

We also have wreaths (plain and decorated), roping (or garland), window swags, table arrangements, and our Christmas gift store with a beautiful display of ornaments, decorations, candles, gifts, and more!

We always hope you have a wonderful and pleasant time choosing that special Christmas tree. Thank you for including "the real scent" of Christmas as remembered from your childhood. We truly appreciate your patronage and wish you a "Real Tree" Merry Christmas.

**We reserve the right to close the fields due to inclement weather. Please check our Facebook page for updates.**


We started growing Christmas Trees in 1983! Christmas Trees are our main business and our passion. Did you know it takes a full year for a tree to grow just one foot on average? That means that your average 6 foot Christmas tree took about 6 years to grow that tall! 

During the season, we offer a nice selection of Already Cut trees, B&B (live with the rootball) trees that can be replanted, and of course, Choose-and-Cut trees across our farm.

We offer many different varities of Christmas Trees including Fraser Fir, Douglas Fir, Concolor Fir (that's the one that smells like citrus!), Blue Spruce, Norway Spruce, White Pine, and Canaan Fir. Call us for more information!



We have everything you need for the perfect indoor and outdoor Christmas decorations! From plain to decorated wreaths in a variety of sizes, we have it all! We have two types of roping or garland; a plain White Pine, and a more decorative type including White Pine, Fraser Fir, Leyland Cypress, and more! Our roping is perfect for decorating your mantel, doorway, or banister!

We also have beautiful hand-decorated wreaths made right on our farm! The wreaths come in a variety of sizes from small to extra large to fit your needs. Special orders can be placed if you are looking for matching decorated wreaths for your home or office. Our wreaths also come plain, without decoration if you wish.

In addition to wreaths, we also have hand-decorate window swags and table arrangements at the farm! Our table arrangements are a perfect centerpiece for the holidays or gift for a loved one!


Our unique Christmas store is right in the middle of the action at Christmas time! After you pick out your perfect tree, this is the place you'll go to get checked out! And what a fun stop it is! 


We feature several beautiful Christmas trees adorned with ornaments that we hand-select and decorate in a theme!

This year's feature tree is a "Farm tree!" Be sure to check it out! It might be our all-time favorite!

We have everything from ornaments to decorations for the home to soup and dip mixes to candles to tree stands! A one-stop shop for all your holiday needs!